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The JCW Center one year apologetics program is an intensive multi-faceted course that challenges students intellectually, by grappling with key questions relating to culture and the Christian faith, and personally, through practical training in spiritual formation, evangelism, and applied leadership. ENROLL TODAY

Our One Year Program's curriculum has been designed to provide a holistic form of training that combines academic and practical teaching. The former includes lectures on Apologetics, Biblical Studies, Theology, Philosophy, the Historical Jesus, Science and Religion, Comparative Religions, and Contemporary Culture. The practical side of the curriculum includes weekly small groups, workshops/interactive seminars, and instruction on discipleship, evangelism, spiritual formation, and applied leadership.

Students enrolling at the JCW Center can expect to be challenged both intellectually and personally.  You will receive training that enables you to both think critically, but also be enabled to have a deep and lasting impact within your local community or ministry.  Enrollment is limited to 200 students each year, in order to ensure close and consistent interaction with professors and lecturers throughout the course. Studying through the JCW Center will provide you the opportunity to gain wisdom and insight from learning within a multi-national community that is united by a love for Jesus and a heart to boldly live out the Gospel.

**The One Year Program curriculum is divided into four (4) Learning Periods (LP) beginning in September and finishing in May. Specific LP dates can be found inside the One Year Program syllabus or in our "help" section.**


LP1: September 7 - October 2 

  • (Introduction and Apologetics Overview)

LP2: October 3 - December 20th (Theology, Church History, Biblical Studies, Historical Jesus)

  • Systematic Theology
  • Biblical Theology
  • Church History ( Part I)
  • Church History (Part II)
  • Biblical Studies (Acts, Epistles)
  • Historical Jesus

LP3: January 2 - March 26 (Philosophy, Science, Religion)

  • Other Religious Worldviews
  • Philosophy (Part I)
  • Philosophy (Part II)
  • Philosophy, Theology, Science (Part I)
  • Philosophy, Theology, Science (Part II) 

LP4: March 27 - May 7th (Contemporary Culture and Applied Apologetics)

  • Critical Race Theory in conversation with Christian Anthropology  
  • Human Sexuality and the Image of God
  • ... and more